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Steel Nickel Plated Silent Dog Training Whistle

  • Model: DTE1#1091 57480000 (31) Silent Dog Training Whistle
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  • CARE
  • high pitched note heard by the dog and barely heard by humans
  • has an audible range up to 400 meters
  • adjust the tone to differentiate commands
  • locking nut to fix the tone
  • additional plastic cover to protect the whistle from dirt and damage
  • weight - 3.15 oz (90 g)

Steel with nickel plating:

  • dual protection against rust
  • suitable for conditions of high humidity
  • has a high-gloss surface
  • wipe it down with a clean, damp cloth
  • for more stubborn dirt, use a little water, some mild soap, and a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • after cleaning, wipe it down with a clean, dry cloth
  • use it sparingly not to damage its surface, otherwise it may lose its rustproof properties
About this product

A perfect instrument for those who train dogs! Your canine will hear you even being 400 meters away from you (depending on direction and strength of the wind). That is very practical not only during training but hunting, rescue activities and tracking too. You will hear a slight high pitched sound, so do not worry about loud annoying noise. The tone can be adjusted by turning the screw after removal of the protective cover. During training it is important the same pitch of note is always maintained. This can be achieved by use of the locking nut fitted on the adjustment screw. If you vary the range of frequencies and the duration of the emitted sound you can personally create a specific set of sounds for different commands.

This whistle consists of a tube, mouthpiece, O-ring, sound adjustment screw and plastic cover. The sound is produced when you are buzzing your lips into a mouthpiece. With its adjustable frequency, you can tweak and tinker to your heart’s content to help you find the ideal pitch to suit your dog.

This whistle is compact and lightweight enough, so you can take it everywhere you go. High rust proof and corrosion resistance qualities make this product perfect for high humidity areas. In addition,  plastic cover protects the whistle against dirt.

Practical, reliable and long living. This whistle will take a worthy place among your dog equipment.


  • Suitable for walks, training and hunting, tracking. rescue.
  • Tunable to fit ear of your canine.
  • Compact, rust and corrosion proof.
  • Plastic cover that protects from dirt.
  • The sound is barely heard for you, but your dog can hear it at the distance of 400 m.
  • Suitable for conditions of high humidity.


How do I identify a Sprenger collar?

Each of Sprenger collars is stamped with a brand name HS-Germany (HS-GERMAN INOX / HS-CUROGAN) on the rings, swivels and some additional places on certain products. This marking functions as a verification of brand recognition for each Sprenger product.

Moreover, all stainless steel pinch collars are labelled with an additional tag that is marked with a red dot. It also helps to differentiate a stainless steel collar from a chromed steel one at the first glance.

Q: What is a chain collar?

A chain collar (also called choke chain, control collar) generally consists of a chain and two rings attached to both ends.  It forms a loop that slips through itself to form a collar at one end.

Q: When should I NOT use a chain collar?

No matter how you treat this tool, the chain collar is NOT suitable for:

  • dogs under 6 months,
  • short-nosed or thin-necked breeds,
  • dogs left unattended.
Q: What are the differences between a choke chain and a pinch collar?

Both prong and choke chain collars are generally made of metal chain material which tightens around a dog’s neck when the handler pulls or jerks back on the leash.

The choke chain is designed to control by tightening around your dogs neck. There is no way to control how much a choke chain can tighten, so it is possible to choke or strangle your dog with this kind of collar. It is also easy to cause injuries to the trachea, esophagus, the blood vessels around the eyes, neck sprains, nerve damage, fainting, and temporary paralysis.

Prong collars function similarly to choke collars, except they contain metal spikes on the inside that dig into and ‘pinch’ a dog’s neck if he pulls on the leash. However, the martingale controls how much tightening the collar can do, which reduces the chance for accidental injuries.

How to use

Q: How should I use a chain collar not to harm my dog?

A chain collar is not meant to choke your dog. If it does, you are using it incorrectly.

When you use it properly, the collar sits high on your dog’s neck, just below the jaw. Thanks to this position, you draw your dog’s attention to you when applying only slight pressure. One quick jerk is enough to make the collar tighten just for a second and then return into a loose state when you release it.

Q: How do I measure the neck size of my dog?

To define the neck size of your dog please put a measuring tape closely to the fur right behind the ears and under the jaw. Mind that two fingers should slip between the collar and the dog's neck. Or you can measure his neck and add two inches.

When the collar is on his neck it should allow you to slide two fingers under the collar and your dog's neck. If there's extra room, you need a smaller size. If both fingers don't fit, the collar is too small and you need a larger one.

Q: How do I put a chain collar on my dog?

To put a chain collar on your dog, follow  these simple steps:

  1. Hold one of the chain’s end rings and push the chain through the ring. You have now formed the straight chain into a loop circle with both end rings touching.
  2. Put the collar in front of the dog so it looks like a horizontal 'P.' Place the resulting loop around your dog’s head.
  3. Attach a leash to the ring that does not have the collar sliding through it.

When placed on your dog in this manner, pulling on the leash will cause the collar to tighten. When you relax the leash, the collar loosens.

If placed on your dog incorrectly, the links of the collar go from the leash through the other ring and then UNDER the dog's neck. If placed on your dog incorrectly, the collar will often not automatically loosen when you pull on the leash.

Be sure that you put the chain collar on your dog in the appropriate orientation. If you walk with the dog on your right, leash-end of the chain should hang from the left side of your dog’s neck. If your dog walks on your left, leash-end of the chain should hang from the right side of your dog’s neck.


Q: Which collar will be well-suited for my dog?

Please, choose the collar according to the following factors:

  • dog’s neck size
  • dog’s weight
  • dog’s fur color
  • allergy to nickel.

You will find more information about each product on the product pages. If you are still not sure which collar to choose for your dog, ask our support manager or local trainer.

Q: Why does the collar stain my dog’s fur?

There are many reasons of the discoloration of your dog’s fur. One of the reasons is the dog’s allergy to nickel. As a solution, Sprenger offers the nickel free materials curogan and solid brass to provide these dogs with a comfortable alternative. However, the collar may stain dog’s fur without any apparent reason.

Q: Can collars made of curogan cause fur discoloration?

We are unfortunately not in the position to assure you that curogan collars will not cause fur discoloration. Curogan is 100% nickel-free and is less likely to stain fur than any other material. However, there are cases when dog’s fur got stained because of the curogan prong collar.

Q: Which collar is less likely to rust?

A stainless steel collar is less likely to rust. And here is why. Chromium and nickel are present throughout stainless steel, not just on the surface (compare - steel with chrome coating that can be easily damaged and result in rusting). Because of this, the microscopic layer will form itself anew, even when the steel is cut or scratched.

Do you have more questions?

Ask our Support Manager.

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